The term drug rehabilitation or recovery denotes all the activities and events associated with the medical and psychotherapeutic therapies which are involved in the treatment or cure of drug related addiction problems or any matter pertaining to drug enslavement. The main focus in any rehab center is to make sure that every patient brought to its care, takes a decision to quit the use of drug abuse or substance misuse to prevent problems which may arise from legal prosecution, financial crisis, psychological problems, social problems, and even physical problems.


Consequently, there are a lot of substances which people would choose to abuse and such it things involves alcohol, prescribed drugs, street drugs which can include heroin, Indian hemp, weed, cocaine, amphetamine, slo-mo and many others. On a more serious note, many drug rehab centers are faced with the problem of having to deal primarily with the problems associated with the physical and psychological craving but, more of a concern of this two is the psychological craving. This is because the mind is a hidden feature of the human body which cannot be readily observed and most addicts who get relieved from the treatment of physical addiction still, find it difficult to completely get rid of the addiction from his emotional quotient.


And so, as a measure to deal with this problems this rehab centers advice that the addicted suspend relations with friends, family or even relatives who are still drug abusers to avoid relapse into their former state of mind also, they are advised as well to avoid situations which may make them relapse to their former emotional state and instead they are advised to mingle with people who would assist them in recovering fully from such addicted cravings and would always discourage them from going back to former habits.




Similarly, there are various kinds of drug recovery program, ranging from residential therapy, Inpatient Treatment and outpatient treatment, the extended care center, local group support system, abstemious gatherings, mental health education, addiction canceling which may at some cases provide orthomolecular medicine. Coupled, with this the fact that some programs are classified and acted upon based on gender, age, or classification and this grouping at most time form the basis for effective therapy which could be a good focal in helping the addict express his or her self and not just a platform for getting rid of the addiction problem alone.




Behavior is the only phenomenon in a human life, which can only explain what a person thinks in his or her mind and so, this feature forms a focal in the treatment of addiction, because if the behavior could be corrected every other thing could come in place.


In other to help with attitude addiction, the patient is subjected to interview which could be motivational in most cases but, what it is aimed at, is helping the patient decide that he or she really wants to go through treatment for his or her addiction and is not being forced into therapy. After, this test is passed the therapy for addiction on the individual may commence.