It is a fact that today, there are not many people who smoke because they choose to or because they feel, it is the right thing to do rather, research has shown that many people who smoke today are aware of the fact that smoking has many adverse effects on the body, which could be dangerous for anyone’s health and to prove this, it is clearly shown on the back of every cigarette pack, that a person takes which is, ‘Smokers are Liable to Die Young’ a warning authorized, by every country’s federal authorities and even, by professional medical experts organization, but still it is still evident that many people today conscious of all these facts, still choose to smoke and so, the answer to why they can’t quit is simply they are addicted to it.


The truth is that, many people who are smokers, of a truth may have tried really hard, to get rid of the habit of smoking and so to say, many others have tried it on their own, either by involving themselves in therapy such as the Zyban, nicotine gum, nicotine inhalers, vipassana medication retreats, hypnosis and others, but yet they still find smoking a difficult habit to overcome.


As a matter of fact, nicotine addiction hasn’t really been considered as a real source of concern, and it is a truth, that it is overlooked by experts even as a source of worry, as compared to the alcoholic or drug addiction case, in which various therapy for its treatment is considered, whereby little attention has really been given to the fact, that nicotine could also make people have addictions. 


To prove point research has shown that alcoholic patients who were placed on therapy from alcohol addiction or drug addiction, were told not to do drugs or drink alcohol but making them abstain from the use of tobacco was never advised, basically because the medical practitioners believe nicotine was benign as compared to other stimulants.


Today research has discovered that more people die from nicotine abuse than any other stimulant which could be considered harmful to the health and it is an obvious fact today as well that more people continue to use tobacco have greater tendency to not stop the use of smoking tobacco than to quit smoking tobacco.


And the sad thing about this is that addicted tobacco users do not believe that they can get addicted to smoking tobacco but, what they don’t know is that each stick of tobacco they inhale into their lungs draw them closer to craving the next one as one feels the effects of nicotine a very significant feelings to be done away with.


As a response to this observation, many tobacco rehab homes have sprung up and more are still springing up today and they are all aimed at combatting the addiction of tobacco in the American society and probably the whole world.


The creation of the In Patient treatment and outpatient treatment program helps at treating serious nicotine addiction and also, they work to enlighten the public about the harmful effects of nicotine in the human body.