It is a fact that today, there are not many people who smoke because they choose to or because they feel, it is the right thing to do rather, research has shown that many people who smoke today are aware of the fact that smoking has many adverse effects on the body, which could be dangerous for anyone’s health and to prove this, it is clearly shown on the back of every cigarette pack.


The truth is that, many people who are smokers, of a truth may have tried really hard, to get rid of the habit of smoking and so to say, many others have tried it on their own, either by involving themselves in therapy such as the Zyban, nicotine gum, nicotine inhalers, vipassana medication retreats, hypnosis and others, but yet they still find smoking a difficult habit to overcome.


The term drug rehabilitation or recovery denotes all the activities and events associated with the medical and psychotherapeutic therapies which are involved in the treatment or cure of drug related addiction problems or any matter pertaining to drug enslavement. The main focus in any rehab center is to make sure that every patient brought to its care, takes a decision to quit the use of drug abuse or substance misuse to prevent problems which may arise from legal prosecution, financial crisis, psychological problems, social problems, and even physical problems.


Similarly, there are various kinds of drug recovery program, ranging from residential therapy, inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment, the extended care center, local group support system, abstemious gatherings, mental health education, addiction canceling which may at some cases provide orthomolecular medicine.